Manual rubber sheeting roller machine

Motorized rubber sheeting roller machine

Automatic Rubber Sheeting Roller Machine

Four sets of roller fixed in a single frame. Ie 3 sets of plain rollers and I set of grooved roller

Rubber Sheeting Roller Machines

Double machine – Plain and grooved roller fitted on two separate set of frames to meet the requirements of large estates


  • Standard size
  • Cast iron roller and frames with machine cut gear wheels and fly wheels
  • Square thread adjusting screws
  • Gun metal bearing
  • Double gear drive for smooth running
  • All parts are accurately machined and fitted
  • First class workmanship and materials throughout satisfaction guaranteed
  • Approved by the rubber board


  • 24"x4 ½" with gun metal bushes and double gear
  • 24"x5" with gun metal buses and double gear

Sheet Smoke Houses

Sheet Smoke Houses


  • Minimum drying time
  • Maintenance of temperature in the range of 40-60o C
  • Maximum fuel efficiency
  • Minimum heat loss
  • Minimum drying cost
  • Easy loading/unloading of sheets
  • Minimum labour requirement
  • Continuous operation
  • Good ventilation
  • Minimum number of defective sheets

The smoke house consists of a chamber into which the sheets are loaded either on trolleys carrying reapers or on reapers fitted on a wooden framework. Smoke is generated in the furnace, which is usually outside the chamber. Smoke and hot air from the furnace are directed into the chamber through a flue. Air inlets and ventilators are provided at the bottom and top of the chamber respectively. These can be opened or closed for controlling temperature. Temperature can also be regulated by adjusting the rate of burning of the firewood by opening or closing the air inlets in the furnace door. A damper is usually provided at the main flue outlet, as a safety measure to prevent fire entering the chamber in an event of opening the furnace door. . The four sides of the chamber may be filled with glass wool. The smoke house shall be provided with adequate drainage to facilitate removal of serum dripping from the sheets. The roof and the ceiling may be of asbestos sheets and the gap between the roof and the ceiling at the top of the walls shall be closed from all the four sides of the smoke house, so as to avoid heat loss due to air currents over the ceiling and to prevent condensed moisture containing carbon from dripping on sheets. Smoke houses are of two types, those in which the furnace is inside the drying chamber and those in which the furnace is outside.